Could Donald Trump Possibly Be God’s Joseph For This Age ?




Let’s travel back in history to the era when God’s people would become slaves in Egypt, which incidentally is a type of a world alienated from God. God saw fit to raise up a young man with endowed business skills whom He was preparing through many unjustified trials to rise to world dominance to save the known world from starvation. This young man rose miraculously to the highest position in the known world, second only to Pharaoh, who renamed him Zaphenath-Paneah which means ‘savior of the world’ because he saved the world’s population from starvation by providing bread for them. Now as believers we all know that the only Savior of this world is the Lord Jesus who has saved us by becoming the TRUE Bread of Heaven while we all lay in bondage to the enemy of our souls.

Now the whole earth is currently finding itself in physical bondage to a few powerful people used by the enemy to strip away the freedom of every nation in the world. At this time in history God has chosen to miraculously raise up a man with endowed business skills as He did Joseph, as told by prophets, to become President of the United States to protect the religious freedom of His Church, to fight for the unborn. to save the children who are being used in the sex trade of santanic worship and to fulfill the prophecy that Jerusalem will once again be the capital of Israel.

Even as the world lies in bondage to these evil men used of the devil to strip away and starve us our God given freedom   God in His time will use this man’s world dominance like He did Joseph to save the nations of the world from the evil tyranny of the enemy.Surely God has placed Donald Trump on the stage in history to prepare the world for an end time harvest of souls like the world has never known for truly the fields are white unto harvest.

We are all bombarding the courts of heaven in fervent prayer, for truly only God can intervene and save us from the enemy but as He used His servant Joseph to provide bread least the people of the world would die. He will also use His servant Donald Trump to provide an avenue to freedom least we all die! God did not raise up Joseph to only play a part in the history of the Hebrews but rather the whole known world looked to him to save them from starvation. Likewise God did not place Donald Trump as an actor on the stage of history to only play a part in the history books of the USA but to fulfill a part in the history of the nations of the world. For as the nations of the world look to the USA for their last hope for freedom God will use Donald Trump to restore physical freedom to the nations as the Lord Jesus laid down His life to restore spiritual freedom to all nations.

Donald Trump will one day be able to say to his enemies as Joseph did:

But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive. Genesis 50:20

From the desk of Pastor Maggie Bass

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