Developing a Secret History With God


This book will revolutionize your quiet time with God 






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Maggie Bass has written a book to encourage you to enjoy intimacy with God as she does. This book is equally valuable because it stresses the importance of time and discipline when it comes to prayer. This book will do considerable good to those who read it.

Dr. R. T. Kendall
Minister, Westminster Chapel
London (1977-2002)


The words chronicled in this book, “Developing a Secret History with God,” are more than how to’s, they are life giving and transformational kingdom principles. They challenge you to invite the Lord to go deep into your CORE… your very Heart. May you embark on this journey that will provoke you to deepen your secret history with God!

Pastor Randy Landis
Founder & Senior Pastor of Lifechurch
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Annette writes “My dear beloved sister in Christ- it is with tears in my eyes and layers peeling off my hardened heart that I praise God for the new work He is doing through your book Developing a Secret History With God! I am so overjoyed. Truly words cannot explain. Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you in the power of the written anointed word. Thank you for your book. I cannot explain how wonderful it is and how it is affecting me. Praise His Holy Name! xo”





Do you have a desire to build a closer relationship with God but it’s just not happening?

Do you long to hear His Voice speak to you in audible tones but it doesn’t?

Do you try to seek His Face in that quiet “secret place” but the cares of this world keep interrupting?

Perhaps there is a small part of your heart where weeds have disrupted the roots. It happens to all of us, and until we discover just what is keeping us from our Father, we face frustrations.

Maggie Bass has found a direct road to the throne room and she shares this in her book “DEVELOPING A SECRET HISTORY WITH GOD”.

It is a rich and inspiring journey to an intimate relationship with the Savior. A “great read” to get you started on deepening and strengthening your own roots. While reading of Maggie’s incredible journey, you will want to take an honest look into your own life and determine how you can start your own “SECRET HISTORY”!

Rev. Patti Mariano