Preparing for Battle !!


Several years ago as I was writing my book “Developing a Secret History with God” the Lord dropped this word of warning in my heart. I didn’t realize at the time it would be a prophetic word for today.

Dear Child,
Stressful and perilous times are coming on this earth. It will get worse and worse as you see the end coming. That is why My people must strengthen their root structure today, that they will not fall away as the heat of trials is turned up in these last days. Your root structure is your life source to Me, for I am the True Vine. It is essential if you are to survive the days that are coming on the earth. Develop and strengthen this root structure while it is still day!
A warning from Papa! 

During my service in the Royal Air Force I realized the importance of training in the anticipation of war. The military do not wait until the heat of the battle to train and equip their soldiers. So surely as soldiers in the Lord’s army we must train now for the spiritual battles ahead. 

Saints, the storm is coming closer and closer! It’s time to wake up and  make sure our armor is in good working order with our swords well sharpened with the Word. Searching our hearts that we may have a clear conscience as we gird our loins with truth, living a holy life that our breastplate will protect our hearts. We must daily feed our faith to ensure our shields of faith have no holes of doubt least the enemy penetrate them with his fiery darts. Oil our armor daily by praying in the spirit as we communicate with our Father developing our root structure in the true vine that when the heat of the storm hits us we will still be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

Likewise as a nation we need to invest and be grounded in our national root structure which is our Judeo-Christian heritage and our Constitution while it is still day so we may be able to stand against the waring evil that would try to destroy us and take our freedom.

CHALLENGE: Yes the battle is the Lord’s but we are His foot soldiers.

2Timothy 2:3 Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.PREPARING FOR BATTLE

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