An Empty Full Room With A View 

We recently had to completely empty our living room to have the floor tiled. It became a window to my soul as I looked around the empty, quiet space and yet could hear the echo of the presence of all who once filled it.

It looked so big, still and empty yet had to be that big to hold so many memories.

 It was an oxymoron moment – empty yet so full of memories. 

As I reflected I could view all the family and friends who have passed through it, many of whom have since gone to be with the Lord.

It has been used for entertaining and hospitality. It has served visitors and family from all over the world, dinner parties, even high teas for ladies when the rain poured on our garden outside, Christmas, New Year, super ball, birthdays, anniversaries, and surprise parties, a sanctuary to gather for Bible Study, cell groups, counseling and prayer. Yes it has been full to capacity overflowing with friends and joyful chatter but also a place to be alone and quiet with my own thoughts. It has seen physical, emotional and spiritual battles and has been a shelter from the storm when we walked through valleys but also saw us climb to mountain tops of victory. Yes this room has recorded in its walls tears of loss and pain but also tears of joy, celebration, singing, dancing, and the presence of the Lord.

Take a moment to reflect and look around your living room and you will see how big it is for it is not just four walls but a storage of memories of your life and remember your most important Royal Guest who has never left you nor forsaken you.

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