Chances are One In One Hundred Trillion !!!

Since prophetic shadows and types of the life, sacrificial death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus were written over the lengthy span of ten centuries, most of the thirty-nine writers did not personally know one another, nor live in the same eras yet they all still wrote a prophetic story that has complete harmony and fulfillment at Mount Calvary. The chance of any one man’s fulfilling all of the 48 Messianic prophecies is one in ten to the 157th power.

By using the modern science of probability in reference to just eight of these prophecies concerning our celebration at Easter the chance that any one man might have lived to fulfill all eight prophecies is one in 100 trillion!

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We can’t even comprehend that number! But this is a visual for you to help understand how HUGE that number is. Imagine covering the entire state of Texas two feet deep with silver dollars. On 1 of those silver dollars, you place an ‘X’. Then, you blindfold someone, spin them around for awhile, and let them loose in the state of Texas and tell them to pick 1 coin. The odds that the individual will pick the coin with the ‘X’ is 1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000!!! And remember, that’s the probability of Jesus fulfilling only 8 of the prophecies concerning His death and resurrection. Would that have been possible had He not been the Son of God?

CHALLENGE:As the story of Easter unfolds to us through the eyes of fulfilled prophecies surely we must all declare as the Roman centurion declared at the foot of the cross” Truly this was the Son of God” Matthew 27:34

Please share this with your seeking friends that their eyes may be open and others that their faith may be strengthened.

For further study during your Easter devotion time I Invite you to watch my short video on the fulfillment of the many prophetic types of Our Passover Lamb.

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