Are You Homesick ?

As I visited a Scottish pub restaurant “Braveheart” to enjoy a plate of fish and chips. The whole atmosphere with the Scottish Standard and St. Andrew’s flag hanging on the walls, photos of the beautiful picturesque mountains and lakes of Scotland, the twirl of the pipes and the waitresses in their kilts, translated me for a few moments back to my homeland and a longing for my “ain folk”. Experiencing a bit of Scotland without being actually being there.
It got me thinking, as we worship together with other believers in God’s house on Sunday do we experience a piece of our eternal homeland without actually being there as we are surrounded by the worship sounds of heaven and are fed the corn of heaven? Or do we see with spiritual eyes the beauty of heaven in the Christian flag displaying the cross reminding us of the price of our citizenship? Yes the gift of life is wonderful and to be appreciated but remember we are only pilgrims here on earth. Are you ever homesick?

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