Thanksgiving for Family Unity!

At this time of the year as we are planning our thanksgiving preparations we often have thoughts of past thanksgivings floating in the air. As I picked up this photo of our first Thanksgiving together in the USA 1973, I was reminiscing of God’s faithfulness to our family through the years.

A photo of a close knit family even to our dress LOL but after all I was a dressmaker! Wow all that sewing! Guess it came from my Scotch-Irish background where the clans would all wear the same tartan to identify family unity.

However you don’t have to dress the same to have family unity. Unity in our families is more than our dress even more than our historical roots. Lasting unity in our families is due to deep spiritual roots when we all have the same Heavenly Father who doesn’t have any grandchildren – only children born of His Spirit whereby we cry out “Abba”.

Be thankful this season not only for your historical roots and parenthood but also for His love, grace and mercy when He adopted us, making our family unity stronger than anything the world or the enemy could use to disintegrate us.

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