Is He Being Born in You This Christmas?

After Mary’s 3 month stay with her cousin Elizabeth, when Mary returned to her home she was “showing”. Those in whom Christ is formed will show it, it will be found to be a work of God which He will own. (Matthew Henry Commentary)
During your Christmas devotion time reflect on the above thought – Are you “showing” to your family and friends that Christ is being formed in you?

Invest in Relationships

After taking heed of the following word from my heavenly Papa, John and I decided to host a Christmas open house for over 50 of our neighbors. Many we hadn’t seen in years as we are all so busy . . . . and some we had never met. It was a time of sweet fellowship and an opportunity for us to just stop for an evening and invest time in each other. A great time of joy and blessing was had by all. Consider opening up your home, share the love of Christ and the true joy of the season through investing in old and new relationships.If we lived nearby we would love to invite you all to our open house!
Dear Child,
The joy of the season is found in relationships not in things!
Firstly a restored relationship with Me, and then the grace that I give that you may restore broken relationships with others, and to invest even more in current relationships.
Love cannot be displayed without relationships. In loving you find the meaning for living.
Love is only love when you give it away, and in order to give you must have someone to give it to. Therefore you must invest in relationships. If you are giving with the right motivation you will have joy. If you don’t have joy in giving, look inside and check the motivation.
Thus saith Papa.

Dressing The House to Celebrate


I was spending time “Dressing the house” and putting finishing touches to my Christmas tree to celebrate the season, when I took a moment to sit down with my Scottie and Westie, to reflect and be inspired as I read Jack Hayford’s Christmas Devotional where he  writes:-

“Be assured this is righteous.

I mean it! Decoration of the house at Christmas is neither a surrender to pagan traditions nor a capitulation to commercialism.

If God commissioned angels to roll back the night and fill it with blazing light
If God provided a mighty celestial choir to serenade a few startled shepherds,
If God graced the heavens with a miracle star,
If God arranged such a memorable entry point as a feeding trough in a stable,
If God went to all this trouble to open our eyes to His entry into our world
Then we needn’t apologize for festooning our home with a few seasonal reminders!
Since the light of the world has come, lights strung across the roof only shout it from the housetop. Candles and candelabra, stars and starlight, gifts and giving, songs and sonnets, light and lightheartedness, angel cookies and wise men or ornaments – all are consistent with what transpired on our little planet two thousand years ago.
That we celebrate the memory with attention and care, the wonder-filled and wonder-full is entirely appropriate”.

CHALLENGE: As we prepare our hearts for His Advent let us also prepare our homes as a window to display the celebration and joy of the season for family, friends and neighbors as they visit our homes.


Do You Have An Attitude of Gratitude?

If your life was played out on the stage of a department store where would you be lining up?
Page 138 of “Developing a Secret History with God” exhorts us with this word, “What has eaten away at our attitude of gratitude? Could it be a lack of appreciation, discontentment or complaining? A grateful heart is a soft, pliable heart in the loving hands of the Master Potter. But hearts become cold and hardened when we murmur and complain. Hearts become distant and lukewarm when we stop appreciating all the Lord has done for us. Hearts exchange peace for stress when we become discontented. Where there is true worship there is no complaining.”
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