The Joy Of Home Ministry

The Christmas season lasted a long time as only last night we were still hosting “Get Togethers” as several of our dear friends met in our home for dinner, fellowship, breaking bread together and a precious time of prayer as we prepared our hearts for the unknown the year 2018 will bring us all. We committed to a year of a deeper balanced walk in spirit, soul and body.

Acts 2:46 And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart.

The Meat of The Word Made Digestible and Applicable

My inspiring book “Developing a Secret History with God” reveals truth regarding an intimate relationship with Christ. Now we have an accompanying Study Guide that will help apply these truths to our lives by learning to:
Overcome the struggles that rob us of intimacy with God
Remove the mystery of hearing God
Develop a listening ear
Maintain our spiritual root structure.
Now after a sabbatical from traveling due to serious health issues I am fully restored by a miraculous touch from our Almighty God, and willing and ready to travel again to inspire others with my testimony and encourage believers to invest this intimate time alone with God where He will mature us, change our hearts, transform our thinking and mold us to His image. I am now taking engagements for the upcoming year and I am able and willing to travel near or far to small or large gatherings.
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My sheep hear My voice

We are promised “My sheep hear My voice…” Yet many wonder why they do not hear His Voice. This study guide will inspire and encourage you to apply the book “Developing a Secret History with God” to your personal devotional time by:
* Learning to hear and recognize His voice above all other voices out there?
* Unveiling excuses we use to justify neglecting this quiet quality time alone with God?
* Bringing us to the place of WANTING TO rather than HAVING TO spend time with God?
Book and Study Guide available on Amazon/ Barnes&Noble/ Lulu/ itunes/ Kindle/ Nook/http Rhema Publication or a bookstore near you. Languages: English/ French


Who are the Shepherds in the Christmas Story?

What Can Shatter Your Christmas ?

“Dear Child,
The joy of the season is found in relationships not in things!
Firstly a restored relationship with Me, and then the grace that I give that you may restore broken relationships with others. Love cannot be displayed without relationships. In loving you find the meaning for living.
Love is only love when you give it away, and in order to give you must have someone to give it to. Therefore you must invest in relationships. If you are giving with the right motivation you will have joy for it is more blessed to give than to receive. If you don’t have joy in giving, look inside and check the motivation.”
Thus saith Papa.
Nothing is more of a joy breaker than broken relationships at the holidays.
They can shatter your Christmas!